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Porsche Maintenance Tips

  1. Always observe and pay attention to warning lights and messages when driving. It is never a good idea to ignore a warning. You should have it checked out by a Porsche Specialist as soon as possible and limit driving. If there are symptoms associated with it such as rough running, low power or engine noise, DO NOT DRIVE. Have it towed to your Porsche Specialist. Continued driving could cause irreversible and permanent damage.
  2. Oil and fluid level checks are crucial. You should have your engine serviced by a professional using only high quality oils and original Porsche parts. Coolant levels should be monitored as well as coolant leaks are not always noticed right away. If you have a drop in coolant level, have the cooling system tested and inspected for leaks.
  3. Battery health is very important and should be monitored if your Porsche is not driven very often. It is advised to have a battery maintainer in use to keep the battery fully charged. By depleting the battery and charging frequently, you shorten the life of the battery drastically. It should be tested at every service.
  4. Tire pressure should be monitored and corrected when necessary to prevent uneven or premature wear. If your tires are over 5 years old, it is recommended to have them replaced for safety. All tires have a date code stamped on them to determine when they were manufactured.
  5. The most important tip is to drive your Porsche. Driving regularly is the equivalent of exercising. By running the engine through drive cycles, it helps to keep components lubricated and clean and also burn off any moisture in the crankcase from humidity. It helps to keep the tires round and pliable along with many other benefits.
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